Welcome to the Sheffield History Website


Welcome to our Sheffield history website

Here you will find a huge amount of information about the city of Sheffield and it’s illustrious history going back more than a thousand years. Sheffield started out as a small village settlement and has now grown to one of the UK’s largest cities. It is a thriving metropolis with nearly a million inhabitants and a diverse range of services and industries. Along with the traditional rows of terraced houses the city has a wealth of new architecture and modern buildings.  A range of new building projects has recently transformed Sheffield into a vision of 21st century city living whilst many of the older Victorian buildings have been retained to allow the city to keep the traditional character which has made it famous. The seemingly endless rows of slate roofs stretching over the mean hills which make up Sheffield is an iconic image.

Most recently the city has enjoyed hosting the 2014 Tour de France and gave the riders a warm Yorkshire welcome and they cycled many of the winding streets and climbed many of the hills of this famous place.

Sheffield of course is most famous for steel although in recent years the industry in the city has declined significantly – especially since the 1980s. What has replaced it is a very broad and diverse industrial base along with a significant contribution form the service industry.

We are also famous for having two major sports teams, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United. Both teams have passionate supporters who filter down to their respective home grounds from the terraced houses which line the hills and streets of the surrounding suburbs.

A local history of Sheffield architecture